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Tuesday 14th June 2016

Our excited troupe of actresses are busy rehearsing ‘The Gingerbread Man’ ready to perform on Tuesday 12th July 2016 at 4.20pm.

Tuesday 26th April 2016

We are moving on to Drama for the rest of the term or Musical Theatre, as it should probably be called.

We started rehearsals today for  ‘The Gingerbread Man’ to be performed in front of parents, grandparents, etc etc in July.

We had a great turn out today & managed to read through the whole script & learn one or two songs as well! Not bad at all for our first rehearsal!

There are still places available if you would like to come along Tuesdays 3.15-4.45pm.


I will attempt to put a few photos on here before too long….

Our trip to the Apple store on Thursday 18th Feb



Isaac and Harrys film at film club

Xander’s stop motion film

Wednesday 17th February 2016 

Tomorrow will be a fantastic opportunity to improve our iMovie skills. Come with all your questions ready about improving stop-motion filming, saving & storing movies etc

Don’t forget to bring your packed lunch in a plastic bag, so that you can throw everything away after you have eaten it.

There is no need to bring any money as we won’t have time to spend it!

You can bring models, lego etc to film, but remember, it is YOUR responsibility! Mr Groves & I have enough on our plate looking after you & iPads!!!

Any questions, message me before 9pm today.

REMEMBER: FMD is moving back to a Thursday after half term – make sure you get your reply slip into the office by Wednesday LATEST!

Tuesday 26th January 2016

Have a look at this super animated film (stop-motion) that Jack found. Have a look to see if you can find some more great examples of stop – motion film made by children on-line (ask your parent sot help!)

Tuesday 19th January 2016

We are learning a lot about stop-motion photography using lego. We had a great session today. Xander said it was the best film he had ever made! We all produce some excellent film footage.

Don’t forget to bring your lego next week & your headphones so that you can listen to the special effects and add extra excitement to your films!

Thursday 29th October 2015

Just in time for Hallowe’en, check out our budding GPS filmmakers scary movie trailer & let us know what you think in the comments box!

The Spooky House of Shady Lane from Miss A Bennett on Vimeo.

Thanks to all the ‘extras’ for giving up a few minutes during their lunchtime to help out and to Mrs Reed who over saw filming.



Thursday 8th October

FMD is cancelled next week due to parents’ evening.

However, the week after, don’t forget your costumes for starting our own ‘Scary Movie’ Trailer!!

Tuesday 21st September 2015

If anyone else would like to come & join us on a Thursday in the ‘Beautiful Room’ it is not too late!  Just speak to Mrs McNally in the office.

We had an excellent first session last week starting to make Trailers (adverts for films). Making a trailer for a Spy film proved particularly popular & gave everyone a lot of laughs when we watched then on the Apple TV at the end of the session 😉


FINALLY all the videos made last year are available for anyone to watch!

Tuesday 9th December

Have a look at our adverts & our interviews:

Autumn 2014 Ocarina Advert-Ryan, Georgia and Eve from Miss A Bennett on Vimeo.

Health warning: you may wish to turn the volume down before you watch this film!

The Glinda Johnson Show from Miss A Bennett on Vimeo.

Autumn 2014, The boo show-Lewis, Joe And Ben from Miss A Bennett on Vimeo.

The Helen Show from Miss A Bennett on Vimeo.

Unfortunately the boys didn’t check the mic was recording properly before they started, so this version has no sound, but it still looks good, although they did do a final version with sound, but we can’t seem to track it down on the ipads…

Disney infinity from Miss A Bennett on Vimeo.


December 2014

We have continued to work on our ‘close – up’ skills making adverts which we hope to show soon.


November 2014

We are working on making adverts currently and starting to use storyboards as we plan what we re going to film using VideoFX.


The girls made a brilliant TV show: ‘The Glynda Johnson Show’ – a ‘must see’ for everyone! I think they could be vloggers of the future!


Great teamwork from the boys. They made such progress over the weeks and the interview looked very professional, with great questions and answers as well as fantastic close-up shots, however, unfortunately we don’t have a final version with sound!


Ben interviewed writer & baker (?) Joe and they produced a super short film displaying their interviewing & filming skills. They learned about the importance of ‘continuity’ especially with backgrounds.


Maddie, Joe & Harry learned a lot about the skills needed to film interviews. They made a great short video pretending to interview an Olympian.









This week, we will start early (due to Parent Meetings in school) at 2.15pm & finish at 3.45pm – please remind your parents!) We will continue to film our ‘Interviews’, usingFMD 5 OCt 2014 Videofx. If you have chance to download Video fx at home (please check with parents first, but it is free) please explore how it works, that way you can just get on with the filming on Thursday. This will be our last filming session, however, you mFMD 2 Oct 2014ay get time to make a short advert as well, so think about props for both and bring them with you this week.

FMD Oct 2014


October 2014

Next week, our final week before half terFMD Oct 2014m, we will spend some time looking at the films in the Beautiful Room & then send them to our Google accounts, ready to download on to memory sticks etc etc.



If we have anytime left we can use Video Star & we wilFMD 6 Oct 2014l also discuss plans for after half term, so get thinking!




September 2014

Week 1 we took advantage of good weather to try out some ‘Adventure story’ filming. We made some ‘rooky’ mistakes and learned a lot about filming! FMD 3 Sept 2014FMD 2 Sept 2014 FMD 4Film & Theatre 1

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