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Monday 4th July 2016

Today we have Luca’s Mum coming in to show up how BBC micro:bits work!

Next week we have ‘Little Sandbox‘ bringing in Raspberry Pi‘s for you to explore!

*Parents are welcome to come along at 4.30pm to hear about the activities they are planning for the Summer Holidays*


Wednesday 15th June 2016

NEWSFLASH: there will be no iTechno Club next Monday 20th June – it will be swapped to the last week of term Monday 18th July.

Don’t forget to give Mrs McNally (or your class teacher) you reply form so that you can go to Maghull Hugh on 27th June! If you manage to make something good (not too big) on Tinkercard, save it on a stick so that we can take it along with us & ask for it to be printed!!!!!

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Don’t forget to sign up to our iTechno Classroom on Project Ignite.

Use the code: JKQS-3B3E to join. I will get an e mail, once I accept you, you can join & then start some of the Tinkercard sessions as home.

I hope you all enjoyed the Codebug session on Monday 13th June 2016 – checkout photos on Twitter: @MissB_MADCOS.

Can you remember the Challenge?

Tap A for 😉

Tap B for ;-(

Can you code it??????

Monday 23rd May 2016

Here is the link so you can access the Tinkered projects to learn more about making 3D models etc:!

How to join your teacher’s Project Ignite class

  1. Go to Click Join a Classroom by Code.
  2. In the Join Classroom field, enter the class code:
  3. Sign up for a new Autodesk account, or login with your existing account.

Monday 23rd May 2016

Two great FREE events for the scientifically & technologically minded student – is that you?

-Liverpool Makefest Saturday 25th July – register  for free tickets on Eventbrite ASAP

-STEM’s ‘Big Bang Fair North West’ Tuesday 5th July in Liverpool

Great video telling you all about it:

Monday 9th May 2016

Have a go at posting your wonderful Incredibox compositions here:

Hello to everyone on the website! Check this out: (Joe C)

Although we still want to make films/videos/movies, share ideas & improve our skills, of the rest of this term we are going to be doing SO MUCH MORE and NOT just with iPads or Chromebooks.

Come along on a Monday & suggest what aspect of Tech you would like to share or learn more about with your school friends. There are a few places left in the Club – see Mrs McNally for more info about joining.

We are going to improve our block coding (Scratch, Minecraft) but then use it to really make things happen! Codebug, 3D printing & more!!!

If you want a go on incredibox (a music website) go to: this is totally free, you don’t need any accounts except a google account! – Xander

Go to and have great time WHILE leaning unfortunately accounts cost money but if you have one already then have a bit of fun!



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