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This year’s theme is fiction books & I have chosen ‘How to Train a Dragon’ so please try to read the book/watch the film before our first session on FEBRUARY 29th when we will start to decide which scenes we want to interpret with dance. Have a think about whether you would like to be a viking or dragon – bear in mind we can’t all be Toothless! In fact, maybe we should just choose scenes where there are lots of dragons as we will all be onstage together most of the time. 😉

Wednesday 19th February 2016

What a lovely time we had at Edge Hill. Another amazing show from the Confucius Institute – I hope you all saw the photos, I will try to post some on here soon.


An Extravaganza Celebration of Chinese New Year 2016 at Edge Hill Thursday 4th February 5pm – 7.30pm

All dancers are invited to another free event at Edge Hill – if you wet to the last one, you will know how fantastic it was & I am sure this one will be the same!

Edge Hill’s Confucius Institute is hosting a celebration of Chinese New Year 2016, Year of the Monkey, featuring the Lion Dance, Chinese Kungfu, acrobats, hoola hoop, feet juggling with drums and more!

Tickets are FREE but we only have 18 places reserved, so first come-first served – letters will go out on Thursday (see Miss Bennett).

Children will need to be dropped off at the main entrance of Edge Hill (the original one, not the new one) just by the security gatehouse by 4.45pm at the latest & collected by 7.30pm at the same place. I am happy to chaperone the children.

There may be opportunity to by a drink or ice cream if the children want to bring a couple of pounds, they will need to be responsible for this.

Monday 16th November 2015

Sadly we have had to pull out of the Maghull show in December.

Hopefully Dance Club will restart in the next year.


Thursday 15th October 2015

We have now started to work on our Christmas choreography for the show at Maghull High on Friday 11th December – put it in your diary!

More details to follow as I am informed.


Thursday 1st October

What a fantastic time we had at Edge Hill Uni on Tuesday! The beautiful & graceful dancing, the exhilarating choreography of the martial arts & the wonderfully vibrant & colourful costumes combined with the fantastic music made this a truly unique opportunity – such a shame more children from other schools could not have been there to experience it! How lucky were we?

I know you all enjoyed the displays of calligraphy, origami and the tea ceremony demonstration. What a wonderful idea! And as for all the free gifts – wow! It was like Christmas had come early!!

I am sure the whole experience will have sparked an interest in you to find out more about China. I just hope we can remember some of the dance moves so that we can add them to our choreography in the future!

I hope the amazing memories of the night will stay with you for a long time. I passed on our thanks to Edge Hill, the Confucius Institute (who sponsored the event ) and all the talented students from Capital University of Physical Education and the Sports Art Troupe.

Enjoy the photos.




Tuesday 22nd September 2015

Letters have now gone out to Dance Club members old & new & must be returned by Thursday24th September to guarantee a place!Confucious

Trip to see the Beauty of Wushu and Dance, China Kaleidoscope at Edge Hill Tuesday 29th September 5pm

There will be a letter going out next week to invite all dancers to a free event at Edge Hill next week. Children will need to be dropped off at the main entrance of Edge Hill (the original one, not the new one) just by the security gatehouse by 4.45pm at the latest & collected by 7.15pm at the same place. I am happy to chaperone the children.

The information given by the Arts Centre at Edge Hill says:

Immerse yourself into traditional ancient Chinese culture and history expressed through movement and dance. Allow the professional art troupe, all the way from China, to lead you through Chinese historical events through the avenue of dance.

This performance combines the unique charm of graceful ancient Chinese dance with the unique skill of martial arts, while incorporating weapons such as swords, long sleeve, traditional Chinese boxing, the fan and heart stopping aerobatic manoeuvres.

There may be opportunity to by a drink or ice cream if the children want to bring a couple of pounds, they will need to be responsible for this. Please ask if you have any questions. Obviously this is by no means a compulsory event, just a lovely opportunity to extend the children’s knowledge of dance.

Maghull show is looking like Thursday 10th December – hope this is ok for everyone!

We now have a date for our next show Thursday 10th or Friday 11th December 2015 at Maghull High – please have a think about a piece of music (there is no theme) & let me know which night is best for you all!

A new year & new, shows & routines!

Everyone in Years 3-6 is welcome to come along on Monday 7th September 3.15- 4.45pm (St James’ Hall) – wear suitable clothing/footwear (PE kit will be fine) & bring a small, healthy snack (banana is ideal) & water.

BOYS – we would LOVE more of you to join in, it often works well to have a boys only section in a routine or if you know some martial arts, they can be incorporated into the dance in an interesting way – GIRLS that applies to you too!!

We are ALWAYS looking for creative ideas so come along & suggest some!

If you want to come along & try out Dance Club for the first couple of weeks, you are more than welcome, just let the office know by Monday, but after that, you need to be committed otherwise you let down the other dancers in our troupe, as it’s is really tricky to keep changing the choreography for a performance.

No previous experience is necessary, just enthusiasm, energy & ideas!

EVERYONE contributes ideas for the music we use & the dance moves we incorporate into our choreography. If you have some favourite hip hop, ballet, gymnastic, break dancing etc moves – fantastic! If you want to learn some….great!!!

Usually we perform in front of parents & school each half term & last year we also performed at Maricourt & Deyes High schools as well as at The Floral Hall, along with children from schools all over Sefton. Have a look below at some of our routines.

Dancers from last year: I am currently putting together an iMovie of our rehearsals /video clips & photos from the Wally Cain Festival, so watch this space!!!!

MAricourt video is FINALLY available to purchase and hopefully I will have the Deyes High performance ready soon!

Come along on Monday with some idea for Bonfire Night ( Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’???) or Hallowe’en, we can’t do ‘Thriller’)….I may teach you a bit of salsa, if you fancy!?!




Dance Club: ‘Uptown Funk’ performed in front of school 2015 from Amanda Bennett on Vimeo.

PARENTS: Friday’s show should finish by 9.15pm – hopefully I should find out where it would be best to collect your child, at the Dress rehearsal on Thursday, however, I have asked children to bring the mobile number of a parent, (if they are not going to be there on Friday) & then I can ring  to let you know where we will be for collection purposes. I hope this helps!


Wally Cain Festival Dress rehearsal will be on Thursday 18th June from 4.15 – 5.30pm at The Floral Hall

Please come to the front entrance of the theatre.

All information about the show can be found below incl. videos & music

Please come to the front entrance of the theatre.


Tickets will be available from next week’s Dance Club rehearsal on Monday 22nd  June – max 2 per child, initially.


A massive THANKYOU to Phoenixx ( & parents) for burning CD’s for all of the Dance Club – very kind!!!

Beth & Joe, you should have received e mails with the music & don’t forget you can all listen to it from the website (see below).


Checkout the practise video & hope to upload the performance we did in school in the next couple of weeks – if anyone has other videos that they have taken at shows throughout the year, could they upload them onto Vimeo or Dropbox & ‘Share’ them with me, please, so I can put them on the website for us all to see.

NB does anyone have any objections to the videos being PUBLIC????

Dance rehearsal Spring Term 2015 Uptown Funk from Amanda Bennett on Vimeo.

Dance Club’s ‘Uptown Funk’ March 2015 from Amanda Bennett on Vimeo.



Let me know asap if you can’t open the links at home, please:

This is some information about capoeira

Here are some capoeira videos for you to look at to get some ideas, but PLEASE don’t practise in the house, or do anything (such as spinning on your head etc) just get some ideas & see how closely the capeoiristas are to each other. You will notice some do acrobatics by themselves in the ring (Roda) so some of you could do that , if you like???

Basic Moves

Video of Capoeira Master

2 Capoeiristas

Individual moves

How it is used in fighting


If you haven’t yet got a copy of the music, try listening through this link!

You will need your Google user name & password, however!!

Please let em know if you CAN or CANNOT get it.I can bring a CD next week so that you can copy it at home & then pass on to another dancer.


Thursday 28th May 2015

Wally Cain Dance Festival Details

Theme: World Landmarks

Costume: all white (T shirts & leggings/long or 3/4 trousers.) Pom poms, whistles or streamers would be great!!)

We are performing ‘Christ the Redeemer’ (Rio, Brazil) dance on Friday 19th June at The Floral Hall in Southport. This is a high profile event with schools from all over Sefton taking part. There will be approximately 1000 children performing over 3 consecutive evenings. We will perform on some night only, but the rehearsal will be on Thursday 18th June.

Please note: we have been told that dancers are not allowed to take a bow! However, I believe you are allowed to clap!!! I have created a piece of music that should allow a few seconds 😉 for you to do this, before the dancers leave the stage, so please don’t hesitate to start off the clapping quickly when the music stops, briefly, it then start again to allow dancers to finish as they start, before they go off stage.

More details to follow.


All tickets are £7 each* no concessions and programmes £1.

There is a charge for using cards, postage and booking, although I believe this can be avoided by going to the Box Office in order to purchase tickets before the event. Please check the dates on your tickets.

Performers do not need tickets.

*Please note, we will be performing this dance at Deyes High on 30th June, tickets will be cheaper for that event, but limited.

Telephone Number for Booking tickets: 01704 500036

BOX OFFICE OPEN:11.00am- 4.00pm


The information below has been issued by the Wally Cain Festival Committee:



Children will be allocated seats/badges.



Wednesday 10th

All dancers should now be able to dance on Friday as Mrs Hains found time today to get everyone together today for two rehearsals – yeah!! (For more info see main page)

Although this performance was an extra one, added at a later date because 3 members of Dance Club couldn’t perform the new choreography at Maricourt last week, it’s great news that those who couldn’t make Monday’s rehearsal can now be involved! Good luck everyone, I know you will be fantastic!

Tuesday 9th

Great work yesterday from all those who came along to Dance Club. Unfortunately if you couldn’t attend, you won’t be able to dance on Friday afternoon at the end of the Y5/6 performance/Christmas Assembly, as we had to restage the whole performance to include other dancers and a smaller stage! It was a very complicated process and everyone worked really hard to get it all done in the short time we had available. Well done!

Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, there won’t be enough room in the hall for all parents to attend this performance, however, as the parents of Isabel, Lily & Beth haven’t seen them dance the Christmas number yet, Mrs Hains has said that they can come along at 2.30pm on Friday, and join all the Y5/6 parents. Dance Club will perform their number at the end of the Y5/6 performance. I hope this all makes sense!

Miss Bennett has not stopped smiling all day!

imageMaricourt Dance Show Thursday 4th December 2014

Maricourt Dance Show Thursday 4th December 2014

I was SO proud of all your efforts, not just in the final performance but also the effort you put into the rehearsals beforehand. You really focussed and concentrated on remembering all the things we had discussed and I think it was probably your best performance to date of ‘All I Want for Christmas’. You could tell how impressed and surprised the audience were by their gasps, laughs and cheers! ‘Animals’ got the loudest cheers and applause of any dance in the first half, without a doubt! Special mention must go to Phoenixx, as my heart was in my mouth on more than one occasion when he performed some amazing acrobatic moves (that I didn’t know he could do!)  and which the rest of you will be amazed by, when you see the video! I know I can’t wait to see it as it was so hard to take everything in on the night.

A big thank you to all parents/carers etc who went to so much trouble logistically to ensure you had everything you needed on the night. Please give them a very big hug. I think they would have been amazed with your professional behaviour backstage, which really did you credit. Well done, I smile every time I think about it !!!

So, rehearsal next Monday will be restaging the whole thing with more people and on a smaller stage! Expect to work hard, if you can stay until 5pm, that would be good, but if you have other commitments and need to leave at 4.45pm, no problem.

Re: costumes. Y5/6 will be wearing Christmas jumpers next Friday for the Y5/6 show, so Y4 could do the same. It’s up to you to decide whether you wear them to Monday’s rehearsal.

Anything else?

Wednesday 3rd December

A huge round of applause to all the dancers who performed ‘Thriller’ brilliantly at Maricourt this evening. I hope you can do as well tomorrow!

If at all possible, could dancers arrive as close to 5pm on Thursday as possible. I know F this will be tricky for those attending MD until 4.45pm, so just get there when you can, but I would like to take advantage of the stage before the other primary schools arrive.


Neve will tell you (as she stayed to watch the second half) that you are in for a real treat tomorrow night as you will get to watch the other dancers perform. The programme will be the same as this evening, although there will be a couple of differences including ours performance, of course as well as the fact that 4 other promary schools will be perorming an Abba number. We will also be part of the finale:


Tuesday 2nd December

Mr Groves informs me that there are a few tickets left for both performances. If you would like more, please contact the school office before noon on Wednesday, as he has to return unsold tickets to Maricourt before the show.

Monday December 1st

Big apologies for the late exit tonight on such a cold evening, we were desperate to get the Christmas choreography finished!!!!

We have one more lunchtime rehearsal tomorrow (Tuesday) & then just the dress/tech at Maricourt! Cripes! Everyone  worked SOOO hard today – I am sure they will all sleep well tonight!

I hope you have all managed to get tickets from Mr Groves – they should be handed out tomorrow.

Please remember that your ticket does not reserve a particular seat, so if you want one near the front, you may need to arrive just after 7pm!

Update Friday Nov 21st

Maricourt performance on Wednesday 3rd:

Just a thought, if it makes life easier, children can come to tech/dress rehearsal at Maricourt in their costume & do their own ‘Thriller’ make-up afterwards, as they will have plenty time before the performance starts.

November 2014

Dear Parents/carers

You should all now have received a letter about the 2 performances in December at Maricourt High School. Dress& tech rehearsals will be from 5.30pm on both nights, as far as I know. Children will need to bring a drink & snack. Those children performing in ‘Thriller’ can come ready in full costume & make-up. On Thursday children should arrive in ‘Street’ clothing & bring their Christmas costume.

I am aware that some children cannot attend the Thursday night performance and I have discussed this with Mrs Haynes. To try to alleviate some of the disappointment I know that they will feel, ALL dancers will get the opportunity to perform the new Christmas Choreography in school for you during the Y5/6 Christmas Performance on Friday 12th December (2.30pm) – even if they are not in year 5 & 6 – so please put this date in your diary (apologies if you are working).

Next week we may get the opportunity to rehearse in the school hall again, but unfortunately I will not know this until later in the week, so a text will be sent out to you if this is the case. Children can be collected at the side exit  by the Reception Class. Apologies if you didn’t get the message this week until the text was sent out on Monday – I did write it on the Maricourt letter, but unfortunately, some teachers forgot to hand these out last Friday.

Please could ‘costumes’ for the Christmas performance be brought into school for a dress rehearsal on Monday 1st December – something red/white Christmassy and easy to dance in.

For those children performing ‘Animals’ on the Thursday night as well, they just need something ‘street’. There is no need for them to bring this into school, they wear it and bring their Christmas costume with them (to change into) on the Thursday night to the dress & tech rehearsal at Maricourt which I hope will be from 5.30pm. They will stay for the full show.

All children performing ‘Thriller’ on Wednesday 3rd will need to be at Maricourt by 5.30pm in costume & make-up with a snack as they will rehearse, eat & then perform (in the first half). They will then be free to leave at the interval.

I hope this clarifies things, but if not, please leave a comment or e mail Mr Groves & we will get back to you asap.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Miss Bennett

p.s The children performing do not need a ticket, only those coming to watch them.


We now have confirmation from Maricourt that the dance show will be on Wednesday 3rd & Thursday 4th December (unfortunately they have only just told us the theme, ‘Blast from the Past’ a bit too late for us!!) Tickets are £3 each & are limited to 2 per child/night.

Letters should have gone home tonight to give you more information/timings etc, but briefly:

All dancers who know the routine will perform, ‘Thriller’ on the Wednesday, during the first half. Children will be free to leave at the interval.

Thursday EVERYONE will perform both ‘Animals’ and ‘ All I want for Christmas is You’ and we will be involved in the finale. The show will finish around 10pm – so a late one!

More information about dress/tech rehearsals will follow, but I am assuming the children will need to be at Maricourt by 5.30pm on both evenings & will need cabohydrate – rich snacks (nothing too sugary please as they will be naturally high on adrenalin!)

Please can you let me know by Monday 17th if your child cannot attend as we only have 3 sessions to put together/ learn the choreography for the Thursday evening!! A tall order!

We will discuss costumes on Monday: ‘Thriller’ costumes as per the performance last month. ‘Animals’ – street wear, ‘All I want…’ red & white Christmassy stuff, preferably…

If anyone has any of the following we could use as props, I would be grateful:

  • a very LARGE stuffed toy
  • a bunch or 2 of plastic mistletoe
  • a string of battery powered lights or individual lanterns that children can hold whilst dancing around.



Well done to all the new recruits on Monday – I hope it wasn’t too much of a shock to your systems! I was really impressed with how much of the ‘Animals’ choreography you managed to learn in the session. please have a think about a Street dance style costume/outfit you can wear to perform it at Maricourt next month. We still have some more to learn, but we will go over it at the start of next week’s session, before we decide on the music we are going to use for our Christmas choreography.

Some suggestions so far have been:

Mariah Carey’s ‘ All I want for Christmas’ (Does anyone have a copy of it???)

‘Deck the Halls’ ( What about this one?)

‘Rudloph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ (Anyone got a lively version of this that would be suitable?)

If you have any other suggestions, please let me know on Thursday or Friday this week. If you have a CD with the music, even better! Think about the lyrics (that the words are suitable for us all to dance to) and that it’s not too slow or fast to dance to.

October 2014

An amazing performance for the school & parents, well done everyone, your costumes & make-up looked fab!!



If anyone has good videos, please let me know & we can try to post them here too!


On Monday 20th October we will perform for the whole school at 3pm & then for parents/family etc in St James’ Hall at 4.30pm.

We have been invited to perform at Maricourt School on the evenings of Wednesday 3rd & Thursday 4th December – more details to follow.


Rehearsals on Monday 13th October and performance on Monday 20th at 4.30pm in St James’ Hall

If dancer’s would like to bring ‘costumes’ to rehearsal on Monday, that would be fine. We are dressing as ghouls and zombies etc. so torn, ripped old clothes, old Hallowe’en costumes and the like would be appropriate. Please don’t feel you have to go to great expense…unless you want to buy a bottle of ketchup?

If dancer’s wish to wear make up/ talcum powder etc for the performances on 20th October, they would need too bring it on the day and be able to apply it themselves in about 10 minutes!

Our first performance for the 2014-2015 academic year will be on Monday 20th October. The troupe will perform a number they have choreographed to Michael Jackson’s song: ‘Thriller’. They will perform for Key Stage 2 during assembly and afterwards for parents, in St James’ Hall, at the end of Dance Club. If you would like to watch, please come along at 4.30pm.

We are hoping to be involved in a Dance Celebration at Maricourt before Christmas, more details to follow…

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    • Bless you Ava. You are VERY welcome. You were such a star! I hope we can do another one soon too! I shall find out when Maghull High School are having their show.

  1. Thanks for all the great comments about dance club. In less than 10 days the dance club (with me in it) are going to perform the dance we did last night at deyes high


    P.s this might be my last performance because I am going up to maghull high and also good luck to joe going into year 6 and all the girls in year 4 to year 5. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE IN Dance club

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