Ukelele Lessons

Wednesday 17th February 2016

I hope you are all practising chords C, F & Am.;-)

Now you have a chord sheet, why not practise G & G7. There are videos on You Tube that you can access to help you with this – please check with your parents/carers first, before you watch. Have another look at the video below.

PARENTS/CARERS: We are working toward an Easter Concert – more details to follow.


Thursday 1st October 2015

Good of you to stop by! Well remembered Y4 😉

So today we practised plucking & strumming ‘Green Cats Eat Ants’. I was impressed with how well you did this – so keep practising!!

Remember to tune you uke before you start. There are lots of vides on You Tube to help you do this. Such as: Tuning the ukulele

Just make very slight adjustments when turning the pegs. You can use your pipes to tune or download the free App n track tuner from iTunes – this link will give you more info;

There is a good video on strumming & different patterns that you can practise – but remember, we don’t use a pic in class & the claw method may be easiest for you:

This video also shows you CHORD BOXES & we will be learn about these in coming weeks 😉 The last bit may be a bit complicated, so don’t worry if you don’t understand it t the moment – you soon will!!


Remember to practise chord C: The Penguin Song & A Sailor Went to Sea